Amazing Race 2021

Every year, Great Glory Church (GGC) welcomes the new year with God by dedicating 15 days of praise, dance, and events. Various church departments offer thanksgiving to the Trinity on and off-stage, taking time to count the blessings God has given the previous year. During our two week long celebration of the new year with God, GGC also organises churchwide bonding events and activities.

While 2020 was a tough year because of the pandemic, it encouraged GGC members to give even more thanks and glory to God at the start of 2021 for having received His protection. On January 10, GGC held a churchwide amazing race, encouraging cross-department bonding.

Kickstarting the two hour event with prayer and praise, the different teams then quickly set off to complete various game tasks such as piecing together mind-boggling art doodles, and untangling themselves from an infinite loop of twine strings.

Spirited cheers and shouts echoed through the church hall as the teams vied for the winning place. Through the course of the amazing race, the members centered on giving glory to God by having a harmonious time with their brothers and sisters, knowing each other better.

“This event allowed me to relive the sense that we are not just a community, but a family in Christ. Whether it was the games or just sitting down together, we had so much fun and meaningful conversations. It was like a family reunion,” 
– Eunice, 22. 

Thank you, GGC members for a memorable and meaningful amazing race; thank you, God for Your constant love, protection and blessings. We wish you a Happy New Year. God bless!