Christmas 2017 –
Hailing our Unsung Heroes

A mother’s unwavering support and confidence in her daughter; a father’s quiet and great love for his children; a helping hand, a rock for hard times, a shelter to seek refuge in – these are the extraordinary acts of love shown to us by our everyday ordinary heroes. Our unsung heroes are always there for us, patiently guiding, helping, and comforting us, often without receiving anything or expecting anything in return. However, while we often remember the one-off large acts of kindness done to us by strangers, we forget the heroes closest to us who sacrifice day by day, little by little — although this sacrifice adds up to more than we can imagine.

Have we taken these unsung heroes for granted? 

Christmas 2017: Hailing our Unsung Heroes was a Christmas concert organised by Great Glory Church which gave the audience the opportunity to reflect on and be thankful for the unsung heroes in their lives. After a jubilant time of praise and thanksgiving through Christmas carols, we had a time of heartfelt testimonies by our members who acknowledged and thanked the unsung heroes in their lives for the immeasurable love and support which they provided.

Followed by a time of heartfelt testimonies, some of our members shared stories of their everyday hidden heroes, thanking them for the immeasurable love and support. One member spoke about how her mother’s unwavering belief in her abilities gave her the courage to aspire towards – and achieve – the coveted Gold Medal for in her Polytechnic course. Another member testified that it was God’s deep love for mankind that showed him how to be a better father. 

Members took the opportunity to express their heartfelt love and gratitude to their parents, families and loved ones for all the support and dedication that they had given them constantly throughout their lives.

Our family and friends are not our only heroes; Christmas is also a day that we commemorate the birth of our greatest hero, Jesus, who sacrificed his life for us on the cross that the world may be forgiven of sin. We spent this significant day expressing our love and thanksgiving to Jesus through praise, dance, and worship.

Our unsung heroes are all around us. They give us the love, guidance, and strength we need to persevere through life’s difficulties. Above all, we must not forget the greatest heroes in our lives: God and the Lord, whose love for us is unmatched.  Their love is patient, kind, and never fails. With this love, we can lead a meaningful life.

Beyond the festivities, we are glad that we could spend some time looking back on the year and be thankful for the countless blessings we have received. We hope that you too will be inspired to make an effort to thank and love the unsung heroes in your lives while also becoming a hero to someone else! 

Merry Christmas from all of us at Great Glory Church!