Christmas 2018 –
Being an angel to others

Do you believe in guardian angels? There are some who have seen them; some who doubt; and some who  may not even have given thought to the existence of guardian angels. 

During our 2018 Christmas concert, Great Glory Church featured a heartfelt play revolving around Hansel’s encounter with angels. Due to a car accident on Christmas, Hansel slipped into a coma. While in coma, he met two angels who were the gentlest and most compassionate individuals he had met. He realised that they were his guardian angels who had been looking after him and watching over him all this while. He also had flashbacks of his past where he realised just how much love, mercy, and blessings he had received throughout his life.

Shortly after, Hansel regained consciousness and realised that he was fine; he had been protected by his guardian angels. From then on, full of gratitude and appreciative of the angels, he renewed his faith in God .

The story ends there for Hansel, but it does not end there for us. Whether you believe in the existence of guardian angels or not, most can agree that human angels exist:  the lovely kind souls who extend a helping hand to those in their time of need. Many of us have received such kindness from the benevolent people in our lives, to whom we say: “You’re such an angel.”

Just like how the angels loved and protected Hansel, helping  him to gain renewed strength and faith, we can also be the human angels to those around us. Although we may not have seen our guardian angels, we likely have met human angels. We may even have been angels to those around us. Are there people around us who are in need of help, in trouble, or simply lonely and needing a friend? Often, we wait for miracles to happen and an angel to swoop in and save the day. However, we can also be the human “angels” that God has called to reach out to those in need. Remember and take heart in the fact that as a visible guardian angel, our acts of kindness can change someone’s life for the better — and even bring them to know the salvation of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We wish that you may receive many blessings and much love from their guardian angels, but also to be the guardian angels for those in need. After all, to give is better than to receive, and blessed is he who is able to give. Great Glory Church wishes everyone a very merry Christmas and a great year ahead.