Oxtail Play 2019

The gift of love is something hard to wrap. 

What does it mean to be family? What is the best Christmas gift we can give our family members? How can we express our love to them?

We explored these questions in a heartwarming Christmas play, Oxtail, that celebrates the love between family members. The play traces the journey of a family over two Christmas dinners, where the family members bond over a warm and nourishing pot of oxtail brew. The three siblings: Malcolm, a young writer seeking the truth in life, Angie, a burgeoning social media influencer struggling with her own insecurities, and Grace, a former air stewardess going through a rocky marriage, are brought together by their mother’s love and their mother’s faith in God.

Held around Christmas 2019, the event saw church members inviting their beloved family members to spend the festive season together in a meaningful way. The play spoke to the hearts of the audience and inspired them to love their parents and siblings even more, just as God has always loved us. 

Several audience members shared that the play was particularly meaningful, because it brought them closer to their families: “I was very touched and moved by how much the mother loved the three siblings. It reminded me of how much my mother has sacrificed for my family and inspired me to love my mother even more” – Timothy.

“I used to quarrel with my sister a lot but after watching this play I realised that she actually cares a lot for me even though she doesn’t say it. I realised that she expresses her love to me through the small things that she does, although I had previously failed to notice it. I am motivated to treat her with more love and care in the future” – Christine.

“I can relate very well to the mother in the play. Sometimes I find it hard to understand my children because of the generation gap. However, I was encouraged by how the family improved their relationship by communicating more with each other, even as simply as over a bowl of oxtail soup. I look forward to communicating more deeply and openly with my child. I am happy that he is learning such good values in church” – Katherine.

What will you give your family for Christmas this year? We hope that this has inspired you to give them the greatest gift – the gift of love.