Crocheting Event –
“Threads which Bind” 

The pandemic has left many people hanging by a thin thread: domestic violence rates have increased and mental health issues such as depression and suicidal thoughts have escalated. Underlying these is the loneliness and isolation that people experience, arising from the absence of the warmth of the frequent human interaction that we had. In such trying times, the Bible reminds us that three threads are stronger than one:

Ecclesiastes 4:12: Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves, a cord of three strands is not quickly broken.

Great Glory Church’s crocheting workshop, “Threads which Bind”, was a perfect opportunity for youths to bond together… through binding threads!

For many members and friends of Great Glory Church, “Threads which Bind” was their first time trying their hands at the unique pastime of crocheting at a workshop organised by our talented in-house crochetier. Held after the circuit-breaker, the workshop welcomed members of the public and aspiring crocheters to spend an enriching time together to learn a new skill. Over the course of two hours, our master crocheter deftly brought everyone through the ins-and-outs of crocheting. Skills like the single crochet and chain stitch were demonstrated to the participants via an on-going live video demonstration, to ensure that meaningful learning could still take place while adhering to the safe-distancing measures.


At the workshop, many first-timers found it a great challenge to grasp the intricate techniques of crocheting. Many expressed sentiments of frustration and were tempted to give up on their works. Fortunately, they were motivated to persevere under the patient guidance and encouragement of our expert crocheter and the other friends who were all striving to overcome their own difficulties as well. 

Eventually, those who persevered until the end overcame their own limitations. Similarly, challenges in life may appear insurmountable and faze you, but fret knot! We hope that you will draw inspiration from our participants – so long as you take it one thread at a time, slowly but surely, your masterpiece will come together.   

Through binding threads, participants had a great time together and forged new friendships in the midst of these trying times. To those hanging on by a thin thread, we are always here to help you and share God’s love with you, and you are most welcome to join our next session of “Threads that Bind”, or any of our other events.