A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

Through our photos and videos, we want to portray a memorable story so anyone who sees them will feel that moment. We thank the Holy Spirit for developing and inspiring talents to rise up and volunteer their time to serve in the R+Me team. 

The Spirit of Giving Glory

Although our team is still young, we hope to continuously raise our skills to be able to contribute to the church and glorify God on a greater scale. As Great Glory Church grows, our team will strive to grow alongside it to provide quality content for future and current generations to look back.


R+ME Productions is a media department established in 2016 to capture moments in Great Glory Church through photos and videos.  The name, R+ME Productions has multiple meanings. The “R” in R+ME stands for rabbi or teacher, which in this case represents the Lord. R+ME also figuratively means “army”, ever-strong, ever-enduring, pressing forward until the mission is completed. In everything that we do, we do it together with the Lord.