Megagame 2019

In today’s interconnected world, nations do not exist as isolated silos but as an integral part of the global community. Being a global citizen comes with rights and benefits, but also carries equivalent responsibilities,  in the furtherance of a better world.  

In 2019, Great Glory Church organised a “Megagame” event for 60 eager participants. First introduced by Shaun D. McMillan, Megagame is a game about global leadership, achieving world peace, and resolving the world’s problems. It invites players to collaborate among their nation-teams, and spearhead strategies to solve various crises and achieve global goals. Through the game, participants are able to gain insights into pertinent national problems and understand the complexities of world leadership through an exciting simulation.

We assigned participants to their pseudo countries (Eg. High Tech Country, Green Country, etc) and made sure that they were well acquainted with the rules. Then, we briefed them on the “world scenario” and gave each nation their unique tasks. 

There were four rounds of challenges played, and we were thrilled to see riveting debates being thrown around the room. Participants did not hold back on employing a myriad of strategies, from business negotiations to scientific inventions to defense policies, and gladly celebrated each other’s light bulb moments. 

In the final showdown of Megagame, we challenged our players to implement sustainable energy solutions for the world. Participants quickly realised that implementing environmental action proved harder-than-thought, but persisted in their resolve to pursue sustainable energy.  “It was a good, chaotic atmosphere”, observed one participant, “and I learnt that communication and cooperation are essential for the success of all missions”.

The bible tells us in Luke 1:79, to give light to those who sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, and to guide our feet into the way of peace. Through an afternoon of Megagame, participants learned more about the importance of world peace but also realised the difficulties, challenges, and struggles in achieving it, and this made us more thankful and grateful for the peace that we have in Singapore. We were also inspired to become changemakers, with each of us gaining the conviction to want to make a small change in our own areas to contribute to the world. Although each person may be small, our collective effort can make a difference to the world.  Overall, it was a meaningful game that has set off a spark in our hearts towards a better world.

If you have enjoyed Megagame and resolved to make a difference, you can start here by signing up for our environmental conservation events at Kindred Community, in our efforts to clean up the world. 

Here’s to being peacemakers in the simulation of life!