Mother’s Day 2018

Mom, I love you.

These were the heartfelt words conveyed by the children of Great Glory Church to their mothers during Mother’s Day this year. These words, though simple, are every mother’s wish. 

Raising a child is no easy feat: from the long arduous process of pregnancy, to sleepless nights spent caring for the crying baby; only a parent can truly understand the emotional labour and hardship our mothers go through to care for us. This is on top of the material sacrifices they make: the huge financial expense that goes into a child’s upbringing, the careers that they compromise, and the other material luxuries they give up to focus on the child. On a purely rational and material level, raising a child makes no sense. Why, then, do mothers give birth to children?     

The answer is – love. A couple in love produces a child through love, welcoming a new addition to their family, bringing joy and happiness. Without love, there is no meaning to motherhood. 

To give thanks and show our gratitude to the mothers who bore and raised us out of love, each year, on Mother’s Day, we will express our love and gratitude to our mothers. Some write cards and notes of affection. Some express it through a big hug. Some buy gifts and presents. Others film a video of themselves, or dedicate a song and a dance. We do all these because we love our mothers, and we know they love us too.

However, we also believe that every day should be Mother’s Day. Our mothers have been an instrumental part of our lives: our biggest cheerleaders and greater pillar of strength. They’re always there, always caring. They are there so often, that, sometimes, regrettably, we begin to take them for granted. Let us not forget to express our love to our mothers even in our everyday life, because we never know when we will lose the chance to do so. COVID has been a reminder, a painful but important one, that we should never take our loved ones for granted because that moment could be the very last.

To all our mothers in Great Glory Church, we want to say:
Mom, I love you.