Official Statement

2 Oct 2023

To all members of Great Glory Church

Given that a news story has been published by a local online news platform, we would like to share with all our members the following, to set the record straight. Great Glory Church (GGC) is a Singaporean church, founded by Singaporeans, run by Singaporeans, for Singaporeans. We are independent in our leadership and governance, finance, and operations, and are legally registered as a church with the Registry of Societies.

We thus will and do not speak on behalf of Christian Gospel Mission (CGM) or its founder. GGC is doctrinally affiliated to CGM as our religious teachings originate from CGM. This is similar to many other religions or denominations in Singapore whose teachings originate from overseas. This relationship has been made known to all GGC members and has been declared to the relevant government authorities through our Constitution.

We are also fully compliant with all applicable laws and regulations in Singapore. We are not financially linked to CGM and we do not take on any responsibilities in relation to CGM in any way. Our focus is on serving Singapore and Singaporeans. We strongly believe in serving the community, and our community arm, Kindred Community, has been active in serving Singapore in many ways.

The story has referred to GGC as a “cult”, and we are seeking legal redress over it. Separately, we are also investigating internally if any information may have been obtained illegally through any digital means or otherwise, and are also looking into several revelations which were made in the story.
Please reach out to us if you have any queries.