Overcoming Procrastination to Save my O-Level Grades Together with God 

By Louie

Hello everyone,

My name is Louie, I am currently a polytechnic student. I hope to share my story about how I managed to save my O-Level grades, and how I curbed procrastination through taking action with the Lord.

Do you have a problem with procrastination? Do you feel that your time management is bad? A lot of people I know always suffer from the same problem: procrastination. And yes, that’s right, I too suffer from the same problem.

There are many times that we put aside important things like academics for the sake of fun and games. I would always negotiate to play just one more match, watch just one more episode, or spend just another five minutes on Reddit. At that point in time, I thought that “just a bit more” would not hurt, right? However, my academic results disagreed with me greatly. They were so bad to the point my parents took away the internet and my mobile data. When the circuit breaker happened, I was in a dilemma. Should I spend the time catching up on my studies or do as I have always done – playing games with my friends? It was immensely tempting to succumb to the latter, wasting my time away. That was my main problem during the circuit breaker period. 

Thankfully, I was still attending online services regularly and one day, I heard a sermon where my pastor preached about the importance of taking action diligently during this period of Covid-19. 

I remember one phrase very clearly: “If the time passes, you will not be able to do it because you missed the opportunity. If you are lazy, you will not be able to do it.” This Word penetrated deeply into my heart and I was awoken. At that moment, I felt like the Lord was speaking to me directly and rebuking me. That was when I decided that I needed to change.

I started with catching up on my studies. I spent my time burning the midnight oil, rushing on science and math practice papers, and I poured hours into working on my art coursework. There was even once when I pulled an all-nighter. Because I missed my earlier opportunity, this second chance I had was even more important but even harder. However, I endured till the end by being consistent and arming myself absolutely with the thoughts of God. Even though there were times I was not able to treasure my time well, I tried my best to apply God’s words in my life. Before the circuit breaker, I was clueless and failing in all my classes. But after all the hard work that I put in and with God’s strength, I managed to pull up my grades to Bs!

It was through setting conditions and struggling together with the Trinity that I was able to have a miraculous comeback. What is important is to take action in the present. For me, it would not have happened if I did not listen to the Word of God, if I did not have faith, or did not attend services. Even though it was a time of online learning and pandemic, I followed the Holy Spirit’s inspiration and God’s words. I managed to turn the crisis into a time of growth and maturity. I believe it will be the same for everyone too. The Trinity always gives us the Word to help us change, but the power to change lies in us as well! I believe that we have the capacity to do it and to revolutionise ourselves.