Policy Statement

1. Great Glory Church (hereinafter the “Church”) respects the privacy of individuals and is committed to comply with its obligations under the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (the “Act”).

2. This policy statement contains the personal data protection and privacy policy adopted by the Church to manage your personal data in accordance with the Act. Please take a moment to read this policy to understand the purposes for which we collect, use and disclose your personal data.

3. By registering for Church membership and being a member of the Church, you agree to the policies, terms and conditions set out in this statement. Your agreement is taken to continue even after termination of your membership.

4. By attending a Church event, you agree to the policies, terms and conditions set out in this statement. For the purposes of this policy statement, “Church events” include, but are not limited to: Church services, cell-group activities, sports, arts, music, culture, academic and other interest-group activities, celebrations, special events and festivities, camps, overseas trips, evangelistic events, and all other events organized by the Church, whether in isolation or in conjunction with another organisation.

5. If you do not agree to any of the terms or conditions set out in this statement regarding the collection, use or disclosure of your personal data, your disagreement must be expressed in writing to the Church Data Protection Officer (see below). Such disagreement can be expressed at any time. Upon receipt of your express disagreement, the Church will cease the collection, use or disclosure of your personal data within 14 days, unless legally permitted to do so under the Act.

6. Church members and visitors are kindly advised that withholding or withdrawing consent to the collection, use or disclosure of your personal data may impede and negatively affect the services and functions that the Church is able to provide for you.

7. The Church may change some parts or all of the contents of this policy from time to time to ensure that this policy is in line with legal and regulatory requirements. Hence, we advise you to check back regularly for updated information on the handling of your personal data. Church members will be informed via Church announcement if there is a substantive change to this policy.

8. If you consider that this policy has not been followed in respect of personal data about you or others, you should consult the Church Data Protection Officer as soon as possible.

Collection of Personal Data

9. The methods/ instances when the Church collects your personal data include, but are not limited to:

i. Submission of a membership or other administrative form;

ii. Registration for Church events;

iii. Donation to the Church;

iv. Submission of report, letter or documentation to the Church;

v. Official photo and video recordings during/of Church events by the Church photo and video department or informally known as R+Me

vi. Any other method, with your consent.

10. The types of personal data collected by the Church include, but are not limited to:

i. General particulars including name, age, gender, race, nationality, height and weight;

ii. Identification particulars including date of birth; identification card number, passport number and signature

iii. Image, including photo, video and other digital recordings;

iv. Contact details including home address, postal code, mobile contact number, home contact number and email address;

v. Employment details;

vi. Education details;

vii. Financial information such as bank account numbers;

viii. Medical details;

ix. Information about your talents and interests;

x. Family details; and

xi. Other reasonable and relevant details for the purposes stated below.

Use and Disclosure of Personal Data

11. The personal data collected by the Church may be used or disclosed for the following purposes:

i. Conducting and organising Church events;

ii. Managing church administration and relationship with members;

iii. Responding to your queries and requests;

iv. Resolving complaints and handling requests and enquiries;

v. Delivering information to you regarding Church news, publications and events;

vi. Allowing Church members to watch events that they missed;

vii. Internal record keeping;

viii. Internal and external publications such as Church newsletters, websites, social media;

ix. Professional services including legal and auditing services;

x. Transfer to relevant third-party individuals and organisations in furtherance of the above purposes; and

xi. Any other purpose, with your consent.

12. The Church will use reasonable endeavors to ensure that the third parties, whom your personal data is being disclosed to, will provide a comparable standard of protection to your personal data. However, the Church does not provide any warranty or take any responsibility of any misuse undertaken by those third parties.

13. Except for the purposes as set out in this policy statement, the Church will not collect, use or disclose your personal data.

Protection of Personal Data

14. The Church will take reasonable measures to protect your personal data from unauthorised access, improper use or disclosure, unauthorised modification, unlawful destruction or accidental loss. You should be aware, however, that no method of transmission over the internet or method of electronic storage is 100% secure. While security cannot be guaranteed, we strive to protect the security of the personal data and will constantly review and enhance our information security measures.

15. The Church’s staff and volunteers are required to keep personal data confidential and only authorised persons have access to such information.

Contact our Data Protection Officer

16. Should you have a complaint or require more information about how we manage your personal data, please contact our Data Protection Officer:

Mr Martin Chok Su Min
Great Glory Church
59 Ubi Ave 1 Singapore 408938
(Registered with ROS as “SCHOPE” UEN: T08SS0178J)

Data Protection Officer
Tel: (65) 94239500

 Governing law

17. This policy statement and the collection, use and disclosure of your personal data shall be governed exclusively by the laws and courts of Singapore.