Unshaken Concert 2019

The Lord is close to the broken hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.

Psalms 34:18

Unshaken: A New Beginning was an arts concert that sought to uncover the untold stories of mental health issues experienced by many in our society.
Exploring the struggles of persons with depression and mental health issues, the concert presented music, art, and dance performances, portraying what might go on in the mind of a person facing mental health difficulties. Along with recounting stories of loneliness, suffering and hurt, Unshaken also sought to plant a seed of hope through stories of love, forgiveness, and kindness, conveying to the audience that no matter what they were going through, they are not alone.

Performers from all walks of lives, including professional musicians, came together with one united heart for this good cause. It was an afternoon where music, song, and dance amplified the untold stories and struggles of mental illness, in every part of the journey – from struggles to victory.

The concert rounded off with the final song, “Victory”, to convey the message that many of us have achieved victory over difficulties in life and mental challenges, and even if more difficulties lie ahead, we can all achieve victory if we work together. 

The concert was organised in conjunction with Clarity Singapore, a charity that provides services to help persons with mental health issues live meaningful lives through support, therapy, acceptance, and recovery. Clarity aims to help anyone struggling with mental health conditions arising from anxiety and depression including trauma, pre and post-natal, stress, bereavement and loss, emotional and relationship issues.

Together with Clarity, we made it our mission to raise awareness on mental health struggles, donating all proceeds from Unshaken to our charity partner.
After the concert, a dancer remembers being approached by a member of the audience with words of gratitude. The member conveyed that as she was someone who suffered from post-natal depression, she could relate to the emotions evoked throughout the concert, and every piece brought tremendous strength to her. Despite not knowing most of the performers, every performance had been an opportunity for her to connect and relate to immensely personal experiences harboured deep in her heart. 

Jesus proclaimed in John 13:34 “As I have loved you, so you must love one another.”
Just as how the Lord loves us and helps us, we hope to always brave the windstorms and boundless possibilities in life together with the people He loves, helping them to emerge unshaken and victorious.